Month: February 2015

Which dvd club is Best?

You want to know which DVD club is best? We have come to a conclusion that you may find interesting! We cannot decide for you which DVD club is best suited to your needs. Everybody is different. We have come to the conclusion that they both are well worth becoming a member. Here are some […]

Columbia House DVD Club FAQ

How do I make the most of my deal? How many copies can I order of one title? How can I see the prices that CH charges for the DVDs? How much is shipping and handling? How does Columbia House ship their DVDs? How many accounts can I have at once? How many times can […]


How long does it usually take to get a rental? What if my DVDs don’t arrive on schedule? What do I do if my rental arrives damaged? Can I cancel or change my club membership? Do they usually have new movies in stock? Why did I receive some movies out of the order on my […]

DVD Movie Rental Info

dvd overview DVD Basics – A DVD, or a Digital Versatile Disc, is a disk much like a CD, in fact they look identical. However, a DVD can hold much more data than a CD. Also, there are currently two types of DVD formats, DVD-video and DVD-ROM. DVD-video discs contain video programs which can be […]

Avenue DVD Rental Club

About avenue dvd rental club DVD Rental List – After joining you may select DVDS/GAMES/ADULT DVDS you would like to rent and click the “RENT” button to add it to your rental list. You may add as many items as you like. You’ll always want to keep your list full so they can quickly ship […]

Netflix DVD Club

About netflix Who they are – Netflix, is the “Blockbuster” of online DVD movie rentals The rental leader – Netflix is the world’s largest online movie rental subscription service, with more than 500,000 subscribers and a comprehensive library of more than 11,000 titles. Costs – For $20 a month members can rent as many DVDs […]

How to get a cheap dvd movie

How do I get cheap DVD movies? — Some online DVD rental companies offer special free deals for new members. Others offer special deals for current members. Below is our list of the current cheap DVD movie offers that are currently available. where to get cheap dvd movies These days you can buy a cheap […]

Columbia House DVD Club

Some people may spell Colombia House DVD Club with two “o”‘s, but the correct spelling is Columbia House DVD Club. about columbia house dvd club Introductory Columbia House DVD Club Deal – Choose four DVDs for 49 cents each plus $1.99 shipping and handling from a selection of about 100 titles from the Columbia House […]