Columbia House DVD Club

Some people may spell Colombia House DVD Club with two “o”‘s, but the correct spelling is Columbia House DVD Club.

about columbia house dvd club

Introductory Columbia House DVD Club Deal – Choose four DVDs for 49 cents each plus $1.99 shipping and handling from a selection of about 100 titles from the Columbia House catalog (total = $9.92). Choose an additional DVD for $14.95 plus $1.99 S&H (total = $16.94). Purchase three more DVDs within two years from Columbia House’s stock of about 1300 titles. The DVDs must be priced at $19.95 or more.

Shipping – $2.99 for one, $1.99 for each additional, with $15 maximum per order

Credit Cards Accepted – Yes


Sales Tax – Every state except Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon.

Sample Titles – Shrek, Rush Hour 2, Cast Away, The Matrix, The Mummy Returns, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, X-Men, Spy Kids, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Gladiator, Animal House, Traffic, Die Hard Five-Star Collection, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Austin Powers, Goodfellas.

Signing up for Columbia House DVD Club is a must for any DVD fan. It’s a great way to start or add to your DVD collection.

Columbia house dvd club highlights

Columbia House DVD Club Hassle-free service – there are no cards to return and they never send you a DVD you didn’t order. The Columbia House Movie Club makes it easy to build up a large DVD collection. There is also Columbia House DVD Canada.

24 hour access – to their complete collection of over 12,000 titles, including Box Sets at up to 60% off Manufacturer’s Suggested

Cheap – Retail Price and bargain CDs as low as 99 ยข.

Sales – Everyday Members-only sales, including great deals like Buy 1, Get 2 Free and Buy 1, Get Unlimited CDs For 3.99

Fast shipping – 1st class mail

Extras – Cool sweepstakes and contests: “Win a DVD”

Easy – All you need to do is buy five regular Colombia House DVD Club priced CDs over the next two years. (regular Club prices are $14.98 and higher.)

And there’s no risk. If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return everything within 10 days.

A Columbia House dvd savings code is not required to get the best deal. You can also visit Columbia House DVD Canada for great DVD deals for Canada Residents. Choose your favorite Columbia House dvd movie and enjoy Being a Columbia DVD House Member. It’s well worth all the benefits!

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