How to get a cheap dvd movie

How do I get cheap DVD movies? — Some online DVD rental companies offer special free deals for new members. Others offer special deals for current members. Below is our list of the current cheap DVD movie offers that are currently available.

where to get cheap dvd movies

These days you can buy a cheap dvd movie online. Find your favorite dvd movie for a cheap price. Below are the best ways to save.

Cheap DVD MovieColumbia House DVD Club

Columbia House DVD is one of the best DVD Bargains on the Internet today. By the time you get your initial selections, buy one for $14.95 when you enroll, and then buy 3 more at regular club prices, you get 8 DVDs for $9.60 each! Note this is the absolute worst that you can come out as periodically Columbia House DVD will send out mailers that will offer you a chance to buy your 3 more at regular club prices (fulfillment titles) for less than $19.95, which will bring your cost per DVD down even further.

Advanced Bonus Offer!

Take a 5th movie now for $14.95 (plus $1.99 shipping and handling) and you need only buy 3 more movies instead of 4 in the next 2 years.

Step-by-Step Breakdown:

Go to the Columbia House DVD Club and choose your first 4 DVDs for $.49. Before you checkout make sure you buy one more for $14.95 as normally fulfillment titles are $19.95 or more. Within the next two years end your obligation to Columbia House DVD by purchasing 3 more DVDs at regular club prices. Your cost will come out to around $9.60 each per DVD, before shipping. Once you have fulfilled your obligation to Columbia House, you can cancel your membership and start all over to keep your average under $10 per DVD.

For example, on the current special:

4 DVDs @ $0.49 each $1.96
5th Optional @ $9.95
Shipping/Handling ($1.99 * 5) $9.95
6th and 7th Fulfillment @ $19.95 each $39.90
Shipping/Handling ($2.99 + $1.99) $4.98
Total = $66.74 / 7 = $9.53 per DVD

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