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About netflix

Who they are – Netflix, is the “Blockbuster” of online DVD movie rentals

The rental leader – Netflix is the world’s largest online movie rental subscription service, with more than 500,000 subscribers and a comprehensive library of more than 11,000 titles.

Costs – For $20 a month members can rent as many DVDs as they want, with up to three movies out at a time with no due dates or late fees. Subscribers get free home delivery by 1st class mail and have access to virtually every DVD ever published.

How it works – Subscribers simply create a list of movies they want to see at netflix .com and the DVDs are delivered via the U.S. Postal Service in postage-paid mailers. As each movie is returned, Netflix automatically mails out the next available title on the subscriber’s list.

Netflix faq

Q: Are there any limits to which movies I can choose?

A: No. They have virtually every DVD movie ever published – more than 11,000 for you to choose from – so we’re confident you’ll find the movies you want to watch! If you need help choosing, rate a few movies and the site will compile personal Best Bets for you!

Q: How do you determine which movies get sent to me?

A: You create a list of movies you want to see. They send you only the movies you put on your list! They’ll never send a movie you didn’t choose.

Q: How long does it take to get my movies?

A: Once you sign up, the first 3 movies from your list are delivered in 3-4 days via first class mail.

Q: How do I return my movies?

A: When you’re done watching a movie, just drop the prepaid return envelope in any mailbox. Each DVD movie comes in its own prepaid mailer for your convenience.

Q: Do I have to send back all three movies at once?

A: No. After you watch a movie, simply put it in its prepaid mailer and mail it back to them. As soon as they receive it, they’ll send the next movie on your list.

Q: How can there be no due dates or late fees?

A: There’s no catch. The flat monthly fee allows you to keep up to 3 movies out for as long as you want. So, it’s entirely up to you when you want to return a movie. Each time you return a movie, they’ll send the next one from your list.

Q: What if a disc is damaged when I receive it?

A: Discs are rarely damaged, but if you do experience this problem, simply report it on the Shipping and Return Status page. Then, return the movie to them, and they’ll either replace it with the same movie or send the next movie from your list. It’s your choice!

Q: How do I return my dvd movies?

A. When you’re done watching a dvd movie, simply put it back in its prepaid mailer and drop it in any mailbox. As soon as they receive it, we’ll send the next movie on your list.

Q: I don’t understand how the DVDs arrive at my house. Can you tell me more about how they’re packaged?

A: Each DVD movie is in its own individual mailer. You send each movie back in the same mailer in which you received it. The return mailers are self-addressed, and the postage is prepaid, so it doesn’t cost you anything. All mailing is done through the U.S. Postal Service, so it’s quick and convenient.

Q: What happens if a movie gets lost in the mail?

A: You report it as “lost” in the Your Account section, and you pay nothing.

What the media says about netflix

“Best of the Web: Videos & DVDs category.”
– Forbes Magazine

“[Netflix is] the King Kong of DVD sites.”
– Roy Furchgott, New York Times

“[Netflix is] a prominent DVD-rental outfit that has taken full advantage of the skyrocketing DVD growth.”
– Eileen Fitzpatrick, Billboard

“[Netflix is] an online DVD rental shop that promises to do away with the embarrassing ‘Um, you’ve got a late fee here for Satan’s Cheerleaders, Mr. Smith,’ scenario.”
– Rick Overton, Business 2.0

“The Netflix Web site is a movie-lover’s paradise, packed with professional and customer reviews and information about films. Netflix has developed into a must-visit site for DVD buffs and film fans.”
– Eric Deggans, SmartComputing

“No more late charges. Bye-bye, Blockbuster.”
– Adam Engst, MacWorld

“I did some math and tried to figure out how much money I’m saving by joining ? and it’s staggering.”
– John Nelson, Syndicated Writer

“Video stores have been stocking more DVD titles, but the true couch potato’s dream is Netflix, which offers DVD rentals over the Internet.”
– Lisa Greim Everitt, Denver Rocky Mountain News

“Netflix makes your movie watching experience more convenient and affordable than renting several videos per month at your local video store.”
– Yael Li-Ron, Contra Costa Times

Why netflix

Renting benefits from Netflix – A subscription to the Netflix Unlimited Rental Service can provide you home entertainment not available before the Internet came along. For 20 bucks a month, you can rent all the DVD movies you want . Netflix has the world’s largest selection of DVD titles. And there are never any due dates or late fees — keep the movie until you are finished watching it AND all the bonus features. Then just put it in the prepaid mailer and mail it back. It’s that simple.

More reasons – Netflix also provides movie recommendations. You can rate titles on the site — on a scale of 1 to 5. Netflix will recommend titles that you might enjoy. There are over 500,000 current subscribers to Netflix, so they must be doing something right. You see at the left what the press is saying about the company and the service.

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