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dvd overview

DVD Movie RentalDVD Basics – A DVD, or a Digital Versatile Disc, is a disk much like a CD, in fact they look identical. However, a DVD can hold much more data than a CD. Also, there are currently two types of DVD formats, DVD-video and DVD-ROM. DVD-video discs contain video programs which can be played through a DVD player or a computer with DVD-ROM drive and an MPEG decoder card. DVD-ROM discs contain computer data and can only be read by a DVD-ROM drive in a computer.dvd movie rental Info

interesting facts about dvds

Compression – If an average DVD movie were uncompressed, it would take at least a year to download it over a normal phone line.

Easter Eggs – DVDs often have special features hidden on the disc. These “Easter eggs” can be previews of other movies, computer software or music.

Commentaries – Some DVDs carry commentary tracks, in which the filmmaker talks about the movie. DVDs can also contain extra, previously unreleased scenes. And a DVD can be a director’s cut version — the film as the director originally intended it.

Durable – Because DVDs are so durable, film fanatics can watch a favorite movie repeatedly without the disc losing its quality. This is also good for parents whose children like to watch the same movies over and over again.

Freeze Frame – You can use the “jog-and-shuttle” feature on DVD players to find scenes, play them in slow motion or freeze a scene, and the video quality will remain the same.

Resolution – Up to 133 minutes of high-resolution video, in letterbox or pan-and-scan format, with 720 dots of horizontal resolution.

Sound – Soundtrack presented in up to eight languages using 5.1 channel Dolby digital surround sound

Subtitles – Subtitles in up to 32 languages

Music – DVD can also be used to store almost eight hours of CD-quality music per side.

Data – A single-sided, single-layer DVD can hold 4.7 GB of data. That’s about 7.23 times more data than a CD. However, DVDs can also be double-sided, double-layered, or both, allowing for enormous amounts of storage on a single disc.

what do dvds do?

Better than Tape – DVD players can change the way you watch movies and listen to music at home. They improve the quality of the picture and the sound, and they are more versatile than video cassette recorders.

Here are some of the things that you can do with a DVD player:

Quality – Watch high-quality movies with good sound. DVD movies have some advantages over video cassette movies. The picture quality is better, and many of them have Dolby Digital or DTS sound, which is much closer to the sound you experience in a movie theater.

No Rewind – Skip to your favorite parts of movies. Many DVD movies have an on-screen index, where the creator of the DVD has labeled many of the significant parts of the movie, sometimes with a picture. With your remote, if you select the part of the movie you want to view, the DVD player will take you right to that part, with no need to rewind or fast-forward.

Music CDs – Play audio CDs. Many DVD players are compatible with audio CDs, so if you want to get rid of your CD player to make room for a DVD player, go ahead.

Formats – Watch movies in different picture formats. Some DVD movies have both the letterbox format, which fits wide-screen TVs, and the standard TV size format, so you can choose which way you want to watch the movie.

Languages – Watch movies with subtitles or in a different language. DVD movies may have several soundtracks on them, and they may provide subtitles in different languages. Foreign movies may give you the choice between the version dubbed into your language, or the original soundtrack with subtitles in your language.

what makes dvds better than vhs?

What are the advantages of video DVDs? – Since they are random access, DVDs are more flexible in terms of their features. For example, you may be able to directly access certain scenes of a movie, or change the audio track. Also, since video tapes can be damaged by heat (don’t leave your video tapes in a hot car), or by the wear (and tear, if your VCR likes to “eat” tapes) of being played, or by magnetic fields, DVDs are more reliable and more durable.

what is needed to play dvds?

Equipment Needed – For a video DVD, you need a DVD player connected to your television or to your audio/video (surround-sound) processor.

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